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ZINC BLACK Style: 66064
EN ISO 20347:2012 (OB E SRC)
RADIUM Style: 69578
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ZINC WHITE Style: 62138
EN ISO 20347:2012 (OB E SRC)
EN ISO 20347:2012 OB SRC
The key features of our slip-resistant clogs include their enhanced grip, vital for preventing slips and falls in wet or slippery work conditions. Comfort is paramount, with cushioned insoles and ergonomic designs providing support during long work hours. Durability is a cornerstone, with high-quality materials ensuring that these clogs withstand daily wear and maintain functionality. In contrast to the dress work footwear range known for its elegance and style, suitable for formal work environments, slip-resistant clogs prioritize practicality and safety. However, both types of footwear share qualities such as durability, superior construction, and professional suitability. Shoes For Crews Europe's range of slip-resistant clogs comes in various styles, catering to different preferences and work requirements. They are particularly ideal for healthcare and hospitality sectors, where comfort, safety, and a professional appearance are crucial. Whether you're a nurse on a long shift or a chef in a busy kitchen, these clogs are designed to provide the necessary support and safety, seamlessly combining practical functionality with a professional aesthetic.

Slip-resistant clogs are a vital footwear choice for professionals in healthcare,
hospitality, and other industries where stable footing is essential.
Shoes For Crews Europe offers an extensive collection of these clogs,
focusing on comfort and safety. Designed to meet the specific demands of
professionals, these clogs ensure both reliable performance and

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