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Why Doctors and Nurses Love Clogs

Why Doctors and Nurses Love Clogs


As a nurse, you’re on your feet for hours upon hours. Without comfortable, durable footwear, you’ll find yourself spending large amounts of money on new shoes while also suffering from aching feet. 


Clogs are the preferred choice of shoes for many nurses, but why do so many healthcare professionals prefer these shoes over trainers? We’ve laid out all of the reasons nurses prefer clogs and picked out some of the best clogs for nurses. 




Nurses are required to carry and support patients during their stay. This means appropriate clothing and footwear that’s supportive and suited to the role should be worn.


As the inner of a clog shoe is sturdier in comparison to trainers, it helps support your feet and ankles. This support helps defend your back from any additional strain because wearing unsupportive shoes can create extra stress on the back. Plus, if you already suffer from lower back pain, it’s advised to change your footwear to something more supportive.




Along with support, clogs are preferred by nurses because they're comfortable. When working a 12-hour shift, it's vital your shoes are comfortable.


Initially, most shoes feel comfortable when you try them on, causing you to buy them. However, many people find that after wearing them for half of their shift, they can quickly become uncomfortable. This may be because they don’t offer the support your feet need.


What's great about clogs is they combine comfort and support. So you appreciate the comfort whilst the arch of your feet appreciates the support. 



Helps Reduce Back Pain

Many nurses suffer from musculoskeletal injuries from carrying heavy equipment or handling patients. One of the best things about clogs for nurses is they help reduce back pain due to the way they’re designed. 




Clogs are open compared to trainers or boots. Without having a closed back, clogs offer breathability so your feet don't overheat and become uncomfortable. 




As clogs are usually made from high-quality rubber, they last longer compared to cheaper alternatives. You can often find that some trainers lose their smart appearance and look overworn after wearing them for a couple of months. Rubber clogs are more durable and retain their shape and appearance for longer.



Easy to Clean

Contaminants on the floor can cause slips and falls, along with damaging the appearance of your shoes.


As they're made from rubber, clogs are easier to clean. When working in a hospital, it's easy for water or medical liquids to splash onto your shoes. Fabrics can easily stain and can be stubborn to clean. Cleaning rubber only requires a wet cloth to clean them — plus, they don't take long to dry.  



No Laces

One of the main reasons nurses prefer clogs is the fact they have no laces. If you're assisting in surgery or carrying sharp instruments, it's difficult to see if your shoes are untied and this could cause an accident. 



Easy to Slip-on and Off

Another favourite feature is they can be easily slipped on and off. When you're working in a hospital, you have to be extra careful with what you touch with your hands, to avoid spreading germs and infections. Wearing shoes that you don't have to use your hands to remove is handy. Also, when it's time to go home, they can be easily kicked into your locker.



The Best Clogs for Nurses

At Shoes For Crews, our slip-resistant work shoes are suitable for a wide range of industries. We've picked out some of our personal favourite slip-resistant clogs for nurses.

Zinc: slip-resistant clogs with self-massaging insoles

Zinc is a favourite for healthcare staff. What makes this style one of the best clogs for nurses is the self-massaging insoles which help to release tension in your feet when you've been working a long shift. Made from a high-quality EVA/rubber blend you can trust them to last longer than a cheaper alternative.


Plus, it’s fitted with our SFC slip-resistant outsole which provides an effective grip on slippery surfaces.


Available in black too:


Radium: slip-resistant professional clogs


If you prefer your clogs without straps then Radium is the best choice. This style is popular with nurses who find themselves on their feet for long periods. With removable cushioned insoles you can rely on extra comfort and support when you're working. 


Just like all our healthcare styles, Radium has an effective grip to help you significantly reduce the chance of slipping or falling at work. 


Want To See More of Our Healthcare Styles?

Slips, trips and falls are some of the biggest concerns for hospital workers. Hard and slippery floor surfaces can easily cause a nurse to slip or fall at work. That’s why it's important to invest in slip-resistant footwear when working in a hospital.


Visit our shop to see all our work shoes. What makes our healthcare shoes stand out from other brands is our slip-resistant grip, it exceeds industry standards.







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