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4 reasons slip resistant shoes are vital for the food industry

4 reasons slip resistant shoes are vital for the food industry


When working in the food industry, wearing the right footwear is essential. For health and safety purposes, all employees who work in kitchens or food preparation areas, need to wear no slip oil resistant shoes. There are many benefits to wearing these specialist shoes for work:






Reduces Accidents


When working in the food industry, like a restaurant kitchen, you've got a higher chance of walking on slippery surfaces caused by water and oil. Kitchens are busy places and it isn't always easy to keep an eye out for puddles caused by spilt water or oil sprays. 


Slip resistant shoes are specifically designed to help reduce accidents. Shoes with slip resistance grip have a tread pattern that helps resist against slippery surfaces. No slip oil resistant shoes have high resistance tread which is designed to help reduce your chances of slipping or falling at work. 


At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. our work shoes are designed with our unique micro-channel tread pattern to give effective grip when walking on wet surfaces.



Repels Oil


Cooking oils are potentially harmful hazards. Hot oil splashes are painful against your skin and the liquid is a lot more slippy than water. 


Oil resistance shoes are made from thicker materials that are designed to repel oils. Any hot oil splashes that land on the shoes won't sink in through the material. This protects your feet from being injured from oil that can cause painful burns. Suffering an injury at work means you will likely have to take time off work to recover. In many cases, you can reduce the chances of suffering an accident by ensuring you're wearing the correct uniform and footwear. 



Increased Shoe Durability


Oil resistant work shoes are designed with higher quality materials to help ensure your feet are effectively protected. High quality safety shoes last longer than normal shoes, which means they're worth their value. (Check out what happened when we tested a high street shoe against one of our popular safety shoes.)




Peace of Mind 


When you're working in a kitchen, you're expected to juggle many different tasks. Your attention has to be on food preparation and timings. Busy working areas can have many hidden hazards that can cause you or one of your colleagues harm.


Accidents at work are usually rare, however when that rare occasion does happen, you can protect your health by making sure you're wearing the right footwear for work. No slip oil resistant shoes give you the peace of mind that you're wearing reliable footwear that actively reduces the chances of slips, trips and falls, and protects your feet from hot oil splashes.



Buy your anti slip oil resistant shoes from Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. 

We've been in the slip resistance industry since 1984 and our shoes are designed to improve safety in the workplace. Our shoes have been worn by crews in many different industries. 


The unique micro-channel tread pattern we use on all of our shoes is the best in the industry. We've got the evidence to prove it:





Our footwear has been awarded the HSL 5 star grip rating - that's the highest you can get for safety footwear.


Visit our shop to see the shoe styles we have:





Get all the FACTS about our shoes


You have FREE access to our Technical Sheet Library. This is where we store all the information for each of our shoes. If you're looking for work shoes with specific safety features, our library details every feature about our safety footwear.





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